Harrod/Herrod Family

North Central Tennessee and South Central Kentucky

Welcome! My name is Edith Bastin, and I am researching the Harrod/Herrod family (We have found the surname spelled Harrod, Herrod, Harod or Herod.) This data represents the present state of research which contains descendants (with spouses) and known ancestors for John H. Harrod and Catherine G. Orange of South Central Kentucky. John was born 11 May 1812 in Alabama, and died 25 May 1895 in Warren County, Kentucky. John's first wife was Catherine G. Orange and his second wife was Martha J. Runner. In an affidavit for a widow's pension, Martha J. gave the death date of Catherine Orange as 06 October 1867. After Catharine died, John then re-married within 5 weeks to Martha J. Runner on 21 November 1867 in Warren County, Kentucky.

Many of their descendants are known to still be located in North Central Tennessee and in South Central Kentucky and many have relocated throughout the United States. If you have ancestors in Tennessee or Kentucky, especially in the Tennessee Counties of Smith and Dekalb or Kentucky Counties of Grayson, Edmonson, Hart, Logan, Butler, and Warren, there is a good possibility your family connects with this family line.

Enjoy your visit! E-mail if you see connections, have additional information, would like to contribute information that might be helpful to my visitors, have any comments on this site, or just want to say hi! Living relatives' dates are not published for privacy reasons. This data has been made possible due to earlier and present researchers recording and sharing our family history. Thanks!

Thanks to Gary and Glenda, my son and daughter, for their patience, help and assistance. Without their encouragement, aid and research, this site would not have been developed. Thanks, Gary and Glenda! Gary's web site is The Bastin Family and Glenda's web site is The Presnell/Presley Family. Here you may visit other Family Web Pages related to genealogy.

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