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William Asbury Edwards' Civil War Pension File


William Asbury Edwards
Enrolled: 01 January 1862 (Claimant’s Testimony)
Enrolled: 01 February 1862 (Widow’s Affidavit)
Company I, 27th Regiment Ky Vol
Private Discharged: 29 February 1865 Louisville, Ky. At age 37 years(Claimant’s Testimony)
Discharged 29 March 1865 Louisville, Ky. At age 37 years(Widow’s Affidavit)

Residence: Wheelers Mill and Bacon Creek, Hart County, Ky.

Claimant’s Statements:
1. Took a fever at Georgia which settled in spine.
2. From concussion of exploded shell, he became deaf.
3. Was treated in hospital in Louisville’s regular hospital, Knoxville, TN and Atlanta, GA.
4. Was treated by a reg. Surgeon.

Claimant’s Testimony
William A. Edwards testimony states he wrote the surgeon of the regiment and he could not give medical evidence prior to his enlistment from the fact that he had never had any medical attendance prior to his enlistment and he has not had medical attention since his discharge as no physician could restore the fragments of bone that caused his fever in his hip that resulted in spine. The regiment doctor, Dr. Westner (sp??) was his regimental surgeon; and he told him he was incurable; and he was very poor and had nothing to employ a physician with. Thinking it unnessary, he did not do so – employ a physician.
Dated: 29th March 1883
Signed: William A. Edwards
Address: Wheelers Mill via Bonnieville, Hart County, Kentucky.

Claimant’s Testimony
Pension # 345.020
State of Kentucky
County of Grayson
Co. I, 27th Ky Inf
In August 1864 and during the siege of Atlanta, Georgia, the regiment to which claimant belonged was preparing to charge the enemy. Claimant was in line and the commander finding the fire too strong ordered the regiment to lie down. As they did so, a shell burst near claimant’s left side burning his hair and whiskers and prostrating him insensible, and when he came to mind in about two hours of the time he was much prostrated and the ensuing night blood run out of his ears and continued to bleed slightly for about a month causing deafness which has continued to present time.
Signed: William A. Edwards
Dated: 23 October 1883, Wheelers Mill via Bonnieville, Hart County, Kentucky.

Affidavit of James T. Alvey
James T. Alvey said he had been acquainted with William A. Edwards since 1870 and he (Wm. A. Edwards) had suffered with disease of heart and lungs causing breathing, fainting, and smothering spells. He coughed and spit up phlam (sp???) and some blood. He had been taking medicine all the time. His wife placed beside his bed a bucket of sand for him to spit in. At times he could not turn himself in bed without help.

Declaration for Widow’s Pension
State of Kentucky
County of Hart
Dated: 23 June 1909
Mrs. Nancy J. Edwards, age __6 years
Widow of William A. Edwars
Enrolled: Grayson Springs 01 Feb. 1863 (Claimant’s statement gives 01 Jan. 1862)
Discharged: 29 March 1865 (Claimant’s statement gives 29 Feb. 1865)
Length of service: 3 years and 3 months
Married at Bonnieville, Kentucky 16 December 1862 by Joseph Minor
Neither had previously married
No children under 16 years of age
Signed Nancy J. (her + mark) Edwards
Attest: Eunice Edwards, George Thompson

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