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William. Polston's Widow Civil War Pension File

Born: 25 Jan. 1833 near Jabez, KY @ the mouth of Thomas Branch
Died: 6 May 1921
Service: Co. I, 5th Ky. Vol. Cav.
Enrolled: 24 Oct. 1861 @ Jamestown, KY
Post Office Address @ Enlistment: Jamestown, KY
Mustered In: 31 March 1862 @ Gallatin, TN (3 year term)
Mustered Out: 3 May 1865 @ Louisville, KY
Rank: Private
Soldier's Certificate No. - 312,714

Personal Description:
Height - "Don't remember"
Complexion - "Don't remember"
Eye Color- Gray
Hair Color - Dark
Occupation - Farmer

1st Wife: Nancy Whittle - married about 1855; divorced while Wm was in service (1863-1865) Nancy died prior to 1920.

2nd Wife: Debby Whittle - married 9 Jan. 1868 by Rev. C.W. Hughes in Russell Co, KY (this was Debby's first marriage)

Children of Wm Polston:
A. (C. or W.) Polston b. 7 Jan. 1868
Dorcas Polston b. 7 Nov. 1870 "Darkey"
James Polston b. 25 July 1877
Mike O. Polston b. 12 Sept. 1879
David Hagard Polston b. 8 Dec. 1881
Sopiah Polston b. 22 Jan. 1887 "Suffry"

Was born Near Jabez, KY and lived there up until he mustered into service. In 1920 William Polston was asked (Declaration for Pension Form) where he had lived since the war ended. He answered that he lived in KY until the war ended, then lived in Indiana and Illinois about 33 years. This does not seem to match with other dates in his file or with the testimonies of witnesses. For example, the war ended in 1865. Yet, he was living at Jabez, Russell Co, KY in Jan. 1891. Likewise, he was living there in 1895, 1899, 1903, and 1920.

Wm Polston contracted the measles at Columbia, KY in Nov/Dec 1861 but was never hospitalized. His unit pulled out of Columbia before he had recovered and he had a relapse. As a result of the measles, he had chest pain, inflamed eyes, and was hard of hearing the rest of his life. In 1863 he started having problems with varicose veins while stationed near Cower's (? spelling) Station, TN. Again he refused to be hospitalized. During this time he was allowed to stay with the wagon trains at the wagon yard.

Witnesses who gave Sworn Affidavits in Wm Polston's Pension File"
1. John Cape of Montpelier, Russell Co, KY
2. Jerry S. Wooldridge of Kimble, KY
3. Socrates Hart, 70 years old on the 30 Nov 1895 affidavit, of Jabez,
Russell Co, KY. Stated he had known Wm Polston for 40 years.
4. Lafayette Dunvar, age 65 on an affidavit dated 20 Nov 1899, of Wesley,
Russell Co, KY. He had been 1st Sergeant of Co. I, 5th KY Cav. Stated he
had been neighbors with Wm Polston since the war ended.


The National Archive's Record was obtained, critiqued, and submitted by my daughter, Glenda Bastin. Thanks!

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