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William H. Polston's Civil War Pension File


William H. Polston was in the infantry first and then in the cavalry.


Born: 15 July 1832 Clinton Co, KY
Died: __ June 1910 Wayne Co, KY
Co. C, 32nd KY Vol. Inf. - Blacksmith
Co. H, 13th KY Vol. Cav. - Farrier
Occupation: Blacksmith
Enrolled: 5 Nov. 1862 at Clinton Co, KY in Co. C, 32nd KY Vol. Inf.
Discharged: 12 Aug. 1863 at Danville, KY
Re-enlisted: 1 Oct. 1863 in Co. H, 13th KY Vol. Cav.
Final Discharge: 10 Jan. 1865
Certificate # 613395

Polston, Polster, Polstor, Polson

1. Thomas A. Bates
, age 47, of Monticello, Wayne Co, KY - affidavit dated 8 Oct. 1840.
States he has known Wm H. Polson since 1872 and has known him to complain of chronic diarrhea, dyspepsia, throwing up, and giving out in his legs.
2. Irvin Keeton, age 50, of Sumptin (?), Wayne Co, KY - affidavit dated 9 Dec. 1890. States he has known Wm. H. Polson since 1863 and has lived within 5 to 10 miles from him and has helped him with blacksmith work. Also states that he has known Wm. H. Polson to complain of dyspepsia and diarrhea. Keeton was a fellow private in Co. H, 13th KY Vol. Cav.
3. J. T. Wardin, age 48, of Monticello, Wayne Co, KY - affidavit dated 17 Nov. 1890. States he has lived within 3 to 4 miles of Wm H. Polson for approximately 15 years. He has known Polson to complain of diarrhea, dyspepsia, and has observed him in a "drawn-over condition".

Height: 6 ft. 1 inch
Complexion: Dark
Hair: Light
Eyes: Gray

Born 15 July 1832 in Clinton Co, KY
Lived in Clinton Co, KY approximately 10 years after being discharged from service.
From about 1875 until his death, he lived in Wayne Co, KY.

In his application for an invalid's pension, dated 18 Aug. 1905, William H. Polson stated that his claim was based on the following medical problems: disease of rectum, rheumatism, heart disease, catarrh. Later on he also complained of deafness in his left ear, kidney disease or lumbago. He states that these medical problems began while he was in military service.

She is not mentioned by name in the pension file. The only mention of her is that she is "decest" when Wm H. Polson was questioned about having been married. Thus, his wife died prior to 15 Jan. 1898 which is when he was asked about his wife.

1. Donel (?) or Danel (?) Polson b. 12 Jan. 1873
2. Israel Polson b. 13 April 1874
3. Liby or Lizy (?) Polson b. 29 Oct. 1875
4. Joseph H. Polson b. 24 Dec. 1876
5. John Henry Polson b. 28 April 1879
6. Miley An Polson b. 04 ___ 1892


Abstract courtesy of Glenda Bastin. Thanks!


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