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Prisoners of War at Andersonville Prison

The URL for looking up Civil War Prisoners of War at the Andersonville Prison in Macon Co, GA. follows: Andersonville Prisoners of War

There were two POLSTONs who were imprisoned there. The information on them is given below. The Code numbers indicate that both men did survive their imprisonment. This particular prison camp was notorious for starving the prisoners to death! Few of its prisoners survived. The ones who did survive, looked like walking corpses, not unlike the victims of the Holocaust.

I have no other information on either of these individuals. If anyone does, please email me, Thanks.

Code # 58041
Rank: Pvt
Company: C
Regiment: 125
State: IL
Remarks: Exchanged 1 April 1865

Code # 58040
Rank: Pvt
Company: H
Regiment: 125
State: OH

There were three Prisoners at the Andersonville Prison with surnames spelled similiar to POLSTON:

Rank: PVT
Side: Union
Unit: 19 US Infantry
Company: A
State: RA (I wonder if this is to be RI instead of RA)

Rank: CPL
Side: Union
Unit: 17 MA Infantry
Company: D
State: MA

Rank: SGT
Side: Union
Unit: 13 TN Cavalry
Company: E
State: TN


This research is courtesy of my daughter, Glenda Bastin. Thanks


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