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George J. (E. or Irvin) Polston and his Widow's, Mary Ann (Burton) Polston's, Civil War Pension File

These records have been copied from the National Archives' Pension file of George J. (E. or Irvin) Polston as originally written without spelling or punctuation corrections.


National Archives Cert. No.829.858
Pensioner: Mary A., Widow of Veteran : George J. Polston

George J. Polston, Somerset, Ky.
Sept. 20th 1844 Near Harrison Pulaski Co Ky.
Co. F 37 Reg Vol Inf Ky
Post Office at enlistment: Jamestown Russell Co Ky
Wife's full name: Mary Ann Burton
When, where and by whom married: Sept 20 1867 at residence of Amanda Burton in Pulaski Co Ky
Official or church record of marriage: Yes, Official record in Co Court Clerk Office Sommerset Ky
Were you previously married: No not previously married. Never divorced.
Are you living with your wife: Yes no seperation
Names and dates of birth of all children living and dead: Yes I am living with my wife and there was never a seperation our children Catherine born Feb 13
Catheine Polston Oct 30, 1867
Jamie Polston Feb 13 1871
Nettie Polston Sept 8, 1873
Laura Polston Apr. 5, 1876
Willie Polston Nov. 4, 1882
Ida Polston Jan 25, 1886
James Polston Nov. 10, 1887
Acy Polston Apr. 8 1891

Date Apr 6th 1915 Signed George J (his + mark) Polston
Attest E. T Wesley
Attest Dave Borden

May 11, 1912
Accrued Pension
Pensioner: George J. Polston
Date of death: September 17, 1916, Certificate not filed
Claimant Mary A. Polston, Widow, Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky.
Attorney none
Submitted for adm. Aug 14, 1917 M. Tho____(not ligible), Examiner
Approved for Admission
Pay widow as above.
H. M. Vandemort, Reviewer, Aug. 16, 1917.
W. R. H. Alexander, Reviewer, Aug 17, 1917
M.C. none Claimant does not write.

Pensioner Dropped
Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions
Sept 29th, 1916
Certificate No. 227351
Pensioner George J. Polston
Service P Co F 37 Ky Inf.
The Commissioner of Pensions.
I have the honor to report that the name of the above-described pensioner who was last paid at $20.00 to Aug 4th, 1916 has this day been dropped from the roll because of death Sep 17-1916.
George J. Polston, Somerset, Ky. 227251
Very respectfully,
Declaration for Pension
State of Kentucky, County of Pulaski
On this 20 day of May, A.D. one thousand nine hundred and twelve, personally apeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the County and State aforesaid, George J. Polston who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is 68 years of age, and a resident of Somerset, County of Pulaski,, State of Kentucky; and that he is the identical person who was Enrolled at Campellsville Kentucky, under the name of George J. Polston on the 5 day of Oct, 1863 as a private, in Co F. 37th Reg't. Ky. Infty Vol. in the service of the United States, in the Civil War, and was Honorably discharged at Louisville Ky, on the 29 day of December, 1864. His personal description at enlistment was as follows:
Height, 5 feet 9 inches;
Complexion, Fair;
Color of eyes, blue;
Color of hair, dark;
That he was born Sept. 24 1843 at Near Burnetla (??spelling not sure) Pulaski Co Ky. That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been near Sumerset Pulaski co Ky. That he is a pensioner under certificate No. 227351. That his post-office address is Somerset, county of Pulaski, State of Kentucky
Attest: (s) F.M. Ellis
Attest: (2) J. A. Coleman

Signature: George J. (his x mark) Polston
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 20 day of May , A.D. 1912.
Commissioner: N.H. Guneth, Notary Public Pulaski Co., Ky.

This is to Certify that on the 20 day of Sept 1867 The rites of Matrimony were legally solemnized by me between George E. Polson and Mary Ann Burton at Mandey Burtons in the County of Pulaski in the presence of Charles H. Durham George Burton. Signed W.R.Godby
A copy att A.M. Langdon, Clerk Pulaski Co County Ky.

Certificate of Death
County Pulaski
Summerset, Registration District No. 980, Primary Registration District No. 2490
City: Sumerset
Full Name: George Irvin Polston Personal and Statistical Particulars:
Sex: Male
Color or Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Date of Birth: Sept 20, 1840
Age: 75 yrs. 11 mos. 27 da.
Occupation: Pensioner
Birthplace: Kentucky
Parents: Name of Father: Josiah Polston
Birthplace of Father: Melvina Morris (Wonder if this is mother's name)
Maiden Name of Mother: Kentucky (Wonder if this is location of mother's birth.)
Informant: Mrs. G. I. Polston
Address of Informant: Somerset, Ky.
Filed Sept 18, 1916
Milwoth Cave, Registrar
Medical Certificate of Death
Date of Death: Sept 17, 1916
I Hereby Certify, that I attended deceased from Sept 7, 1916, to Sept 17, 1916, and that death occurred on the date stated above at 6 m. (didn't have a.m. or p.m.) The cause of death was Pulumanary tuberculosies for duration of 1 yrs.
Signed: A.W. Cain, M.D.
Sept. 18, 1916, Address: Somerset, Ky.
Place of Burial: Rivegale
Date of Burial: Sept 19, 1916
Undertaker: Whitis & Lawhorn, Somerset, Ky.

Declaration for Widow's Pension
September 8-19
State of kentucky County of Pulaski
On this 19 day of September A.D. one thousand nine hundred and 16 personally appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the county and state aforesaid Mary Ann Polston aged 71 years, whose Post Office address is Somerset Kentucky, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of George E. Polsten who enlisted under the name of George E. Polsten at Glasgow Ky on the 5 day of October, A.D. 1863, in Co F 37 Ky Infantry and served at least ninety days in the late War of the Rebellion, in the service of the United States and was honorably discharged December 23 - 1864 and died the 17 day September 1916. That she was married under the name of Mary An Burton to said George E. Polsten on the 20 day of September 1867 by William Godby at Smith Burtons there being no legal barrier to said marriage. This said soldier had not been previously married. That applicant had not been previously married. That she has not remarried since the death of said George E Polsten. That she is without other means of support than her daily labor and an actual net income not exceeding $250 per years; All his children are over 16 years old. That her husband has not been employed in the Military or Naval service or otherwise than as stated above. That she has not heretofore applied for pension.
That her P.O. address is Somerset County of Pulaski, State of Kentucky.
Signed: Mary Ann (her x mark) Polston
Attest: 1. Howard Wilson 2. B. trinzee

Declaration for Invalid Pension
Act of June 27, 1890
State of Kentucky, County of Hart
On this 24 day of January, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and nenety one personally appeared before me, a County Court Clerk within and for the County and State aforesaid, George J. Polston age 47 years, a resident of County of Hart, State of Ky, who, being duly, sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical George J. Polston who was enrolled on the 5 day of October, 1863, in Private Co F. 37th Ky Inf. in the war of the rebellion, and served at least nenety days, and was Honorably Discharged at Louisville Ky, on the 29 day of December, 1864. That he is now unable to earn a support by reason of Deafness, Rheumatisim and Neuralgia.
I wish to be sent to Munfordville Hart Co Ky for Medical Examination. That said disabilities are not due to his vicious habits, and are to the best of his knowedge and belief permanent.

Pension application No. 227.351
He hereby appoints J. B. Duggins of Munfordville, Hart Co Ky his true and lawful attorney to prosecute his claim and he directs that the sum of ten dollars be paid him for his services.
That his Post Office address is Kessingers County of Hart State of Ky.
Two Witnesses: G.E. Fetzpatrick, B.J. Everett
Signed: George J. (his x mark) Polston

Renewal Div. F B Examiner
Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions.
Cert. No. 227.351
George J. Pplston
F 37 Ky Inf
Washington, D.C., Apl 28, 1913
Mr. George J. Polston, Somerset Ky
Dear Sir:
Relative to your claim for pension under act of May 11, 1912, in which you allege that you are 69 years of age, and that you were born Sept 20, 1843, you are advised that the best obtainable evidence of the date of your birth is required by this Bureau. If there is a public, church, or family record of your birth, you should forward a verified copy of such record. If there is no public or church record, and a verified copy of the family record is furnished, the officer certifying to the same should state in what year the Bible, or other book in which the record appears, was printed; whether the record bears any marks of erasure or alteration; and whether, from the appearance of the writing, he believes the entries to have been made about the dates given. If you are unable to furnish any of the evidence indicated, you should state that fact, and the reasons why you are unable to furnish it, under oath. Please return this letter with your reply.
Very Respectfully, J. L. Davenport, Commissioner.

Application for Reimbursement
State of Kentucky
County of Pulaski
On this 26th day of May, A.D. 1931, before me, the undersigned, personally appeared James Polston, aged 43 years, a resident of Somerset, County of Pulaski, State of Kentucky, who makes the following declaration as an application for, and claim is hereby made for, reimbursement from the accrued pension for expenses paid (or obligation incurred) in the last sickness and burial of Mary A. Polston, who was a pensioner of the United States by certificate No. 829.858, and who DIED April 14th, 1931, at Somerset, Ky. (Home of affiant) and was buried at Ringold, Ky.
Full name of Pensioner: Mary A. Polston
Capacity decedent pensioned: Widow of George J. Polston
Children under 16 years of age: None
Any such children living: No
Sick or death benefits paid on pensioner's account: City of Somerset, Ky. $17.50. Pulaski County, $17.50
Was there insurance - life, accident or health: No
Name of insurance co: None
Beneficiary named in policy: None
Premiums paid by the deceased pensioner: None
State amount of premiums paid by each person who made payment: None.
Executor or administrator: No. None will be required.
Pensioner leave any money, real estate or personal property: No
Assessed value of real estate: None
How pensioner's property disposed of: No property
Did pensioner leave an unindorsed pension check: Yes. Came some days after death.
What was your relation to the deceased pensioner: son
Are you married: yes
What was cause of pensioner's death: Old age and pneumonia
When did pensioner's last sickness begin: About December 10, 1930
From what date did the pensioner become so ill as to require the regular and daiy attendance of another person constantly until death/: From about December 10, 1930 until death on April 14th 1931
Physician attending pensioner during last sickness: Dr. R.G. Sievers, Somerset, Ky. Dr. A.H. Wahl, Somerset, Ky.
Names of persons by whom the pensioner was nursed during the last sickness: Pear Hamilton, Amy Polston, Minnie Sulner
Where did pensioner live during last sickness: With affiant, in Somerset, Ky.
Has payment been paid or will application be made for payment to you or any other person any part of the expenses of the pensioner's last sickness and burial by any State, county, or municipal corporation: No

Charges supported by an itemized bill:
Dr. R.C. Sievers, Physician visits, paid 15.00 (a line is drawn through 15 and 5.00 written by hand) 5.00 o.k.
Dr. A.J. Wahl, Medicine visits, paid 8.00 (2.50 hand written in margin) Miss Pearl Hamilton, nursing and care not paid 25.00
Miss Minnie Sulner, nurshing, not paid 15.00 (with a line drawn through 15.00) Carter Floral Co. Flowers 12.00
That of the above-mentioned expenses this claimant has paid, or guaranteed the payment of, the following items: All the above claims, have been paid or guaranteed by affiant.
Signed: James Polston, Somerset, Ky.

Also appeared J. C. Burton, and W. L. Cassade who being duly sworn, make the following statement, each for himself, that they know the claimant herein and that their answers to the following are true: Did pensioner leave a widow or minor child under age of sixteen years surviving: NONE
Pensioner date of death: April 14th 1931 We knew the deceased pensioner for 60 years and 30 respectively and knew her personally.
Name J. C. Burton, Somerset, Ky.
W. L Casada, Somerset, Ky.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 24 day of August A.D. 1931.
I further certify that the reputation for credibility of the witnesses whose signatures appear above is good.
Signed: John M. Perkins, Notary Public, Somerset, Ky., My Commission expires July 26, 1932.
Statement of Attending Physicians:
Pensioner's name in full: Mary A. Polson
Date of commencement of pensioner's last sickness: was seriously ill before deaths when called 30 days
Pensioner's death: April 14, 1931
Date pensioner required another person's care: Mar 14 to April 14, 1931
Cause of death: Cardiac Asthma,br> Physician who attended the pensioner in last sickness: Dr A.H. Wahle
Does you bill include a charge for all medicine furnished pensioner during last sickness? Yes
Has your bill been paid? Yes
Name of each person who acted as nurse, and mention any other within your knowedge which would be helpful in adjusting this claim for reimbursement: James Polson
Signed: August 24, 1931 R.E. Sievers

Commonwealth of Kentucky
Certificate of Death
County Pulaski, city of Somerset, Ky.
Full Name: Mary A. Polson
Residence: White St.
Personal and Statistical Particulars:
Sex: Female
Color: White
Marital Status: Widowed
Date of birth: 91 years
Occupation: At Home
Birthplace: Ky
Father: Smith Burton
Father's birthplace: Ky
Mother's name not given and birth place of mother not given.
Informant: Jim Polson, Somerset, Ky.
Burial Place: Ringgold Date of burial:
April 15, 1931
Undertaker: Somerset Undertaking Co., Somerset, Ky.
Medical Certificate of Death:
Date of death: April 14, 1931
I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from April 12, 1931 to April 14, 1931. I last saw her alive on April 12, 1931, death is said to have occurred on the date stated above at 7 a.m. The principal cause of death and related causes of importance in order of onset were as follows: Lobar pneumonia Date of onset April 8, 1931
Signed A.J. Wahle, M.D., Somerset, Ky.

Mary A. Polston, Somerset Ky
829858 Act Apr
Finance Division May 16, 1931, 19--(blank)
The name of the above-described pensioner who was last paid at the rate of $40 per month to Apr 4, 1931 has this day been dropped from the roll because of DEATH April 14, 1931.
Signed O.J. Randall, Chief, Finance Division

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