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Emmitt Goodman Civil War Pension File


Emmett/Emmitt Goodman
Co. C, 33rd Ky. Vol. Inf. which later became 26th Ky. Vol. Inf.
Enlisted: 12 June 1862 @ Munfordville, Hart Co, KY
Honorably Discharged: 30 June 1865 @ Salisbury, NC

Resident of Priceville, Hart Co, KY

Personal Description:
Height (@ 18 yrs old): 5 ft. 5 inches
Complexion: Fair
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark
Occupation: Farmer

Death: 4 Oct. 1880 in Munfordville, Hart Co, KY in Dr. C. J. Walton's office
Cause of Death: "Pistol shot"

Marriage: Emmett Goodman married (Mary) Ellen Bowman on 22 June 1868 in Hart Co, KY. They were married by Rev. D. J. Logsdon. This was a first marriage for both of them.

Children of Emmett Goodman & (Mary) Ellen Bowman:
1. George Goodman - 11 Feb. 1870 @ Bonnieville, Hart Co, KY
2. Thomas Goodman - 3 Jan. 1874 @ Bonnieville, Hart Co, KY
3. Emma Goodman - 8 May 1875 @ Bonnieville, Hart Co, KY
4. Maxey Goodman - 26 Sept. 1880 @ Bonnieville, Hart Co, KY


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