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Alexander Polston's Civil War Pension File


Born: 29 June 1836 in Williamson Co, TN
Died: 18 Nov. 1922 in Kansas City, MO
Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery, Kansas City, MO
Co. A, 2nd KY Veteran Vol. Cav.
Soldier's Certificate No. 478320
Post Office Address at Enlistment: Rio, Hart Co, KY
Enrolled: 10 Jan. 1862 at Camp G. Wood
Mustered Out: 16 Jan. 1865 at Savannah, GA

1st Wife: Hariett Wells - Married 1861 Hart Co, KY; Divorced 1867 in Hart Co, KY
(The pension file does not mention any children from this marriage.)
2nd Wife: Mary James Weldon - Married 5 June 1868 by J. M Terry, Hart Co,KY
(This was a first marriage and only marriage for her.)
She died 15 June 1922 in Kansas City, MO.

CHILDREN of Alex Polston and Mary James Weldon:
1. Charles Allen Polson b. 20 Oct. 1868
2. Harry Buckner Polson b. 19 Nov. 1875
3. William John Polson b. 16 July 1880
4. Mable Estell Polson b. 28 April 1883
5. Francis Myrtle Polson b. 15 Feb. 1886
6. Lilly May Polson b. 3 Nov. 1871; d. 12 July 1890

Alexander Polston was still living in Hart Co, KY in Dec. 1875 when he had an accident while chopping a log with an ax: he injured his left foot by splitting the large toe and nearly severed 2 other toes. No specific date is given for him moving to Kansas City,MO other than it was about 10 or 12 years after the war ended. So, he probably moved there around 1877.

AFFIDAVITS made by neighbors in Kansas City, MO who had also been neighbors in Hart Co, KY.
1. James E. Mitchum - age 57 or 59 (not sure due to handwriting) in 1897 Stated he had known Alex for 38 years.
(Note: James E. Mitchum is listed on the 1860 Hart Co, KY Census but not the 1880 Hart Co, KY Census.)
2. Lucy Cobb - age 54 in 1897
3. David Welden - age 52 in 1897
Stated he had known Alex for 42 years.
(David Welden is a brother to Mary James Weldon, wife of Alex Polston/Polson. Both David and Mary are listed on the 1860 Hart Co, KY census in the household of their father, Beverly Weldon. David Weldon was also listed on the 1880 Hart Co, KY Census.)

Ax injury to left foot
Deafness in Right Ear - "result of abcess in head"
Stroke with Paralysis
Heart Block
Heart Failure

Alex Polson was residing in a Home For The Aged in Kansas City, MO at the time of his death. He died "in the drugstore, southeast corner 22nd street and ___ (not legible) Avenue, Kansas City, MO."

This Abstract of Alexander Polston's Civil War File was obtained, critiqued, and submitted courtesy of Glenda Bastin. Thanks!

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