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All About Me

I am a person! Yes, I have a family--one husband, two children, one grandson, two parents, seven sisters, three brothers, six nieces, fifteen nephews, and lots of great and great great nieces and nephews, and cousins galore.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree, Master of Arts Degree and a Rank I (MA + 30 hours) from Western Kentucky University in Elementary Education, Reading Education, and Early Childhood Education. I retired after teaching 28 years; then, I worked as a cave guide for Mammoth Cave National Park for 18 months. Presently, I do substitute teaching and work full time "diggin' roots" as a genealogist. You may view a description of MY GENEALOGY BOOKS I recently published.

Several have asked for a picture to see what I look like. Well! Here is my picture -- it was taken a "while back".

(Photo courtesy of Edith Bastin.)

Copyright: February 4, 1999. All Rights Reserved.

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